Marjo malin

REMIX, Sense and Sensibility

Layout for Irene Suosalo: REMIX and Marko Vuokola: Sense and Sensibility -exhibitions, Ars Nova, 2024

Mari Rantanen, tunne värinä

Layout for Mari Rantanen, Tunne värinä -exhibition, Salo Art Museum Roundhouse, 2024


Logo for amplifyHer (Transition pathways towards gender inclusion
in the changing musical landscapes of Nepal), Sibelius Acad­emy, 2024.

Noora Schroderus

Book Design: Marjo Malin, Noora Schroderus
Colour Separation: Kari Lahtinen
Printing: Tallinn Book Printers, 2023
ISBN 978-952-94-7895-8


Layout for Überhund –the fascinating dogs of art exhibition,  Mikkeli Art Museum 2023. The prints received an honorable mention in Print&Media magazine’s Best Prints of the Year 2023 competition. Photos: Paula Hyvönen.

Jarno Vesala

Layout for Jarno Vesala -exhibition, Salo Art Museum Roundhouse, 2023

Competition proposal for the Paimio sanatorium 90 years poster competition 2023


Layout for Überhund – the fascinating dogs of art -exhibition, Salo Art Museum Roundhouse, 2022

Tyttöarmeija – Kerronnallinen maalaus tilassa

Katja Tukiainen
The University of the Arts Helsinki, 2022
Book Design: Marjo Malin
ISBN 978-952-353-422-3


Visual identity guidelines and logo, 2021

Printed Matters book /design Marjo Malin

Printed matters : merkitysten kerroksia

Martta Heikkilä, Annu Vertanen
Book Design: Marjo Malin, 2021
The University of the Arts Helsinki
ISBN 978-952-353-411-7

Book design by Marjo Malin

Jan-Erik Andersson – Works and Collaborations

Book Design: Marjo Malin, 2019
ISBN 978-952-7226-42-1

The idea for the design of this book was to make it look like a stack of A4:s. For this reason, I ended up designing an open spine. When I had the opportunity, I also wanted to do something that is not usually done, a glued spine. The glue was also a reference to Andersson’s works, which often are made of everyday materials. On the cover, I used the three primary colors that Andersson often uses. The foil on the letters is a reference to his sculptures made of metal. At the beginning of Andersson’s career, he made a work inspired by the look of the Beatles’ White Album. The Beatles also revolutionized the world of the young Andersson. I also wanted to refer to this classic record cover and I left the cover otherwise blank.

Dandelion Marjo Malin
Dandelion Label design for Markus Aremon’s Dandelion beer Design Marjo Malin


Label design for Michelin star chef Markus Aremo’s Dandelion beer
Design Marjo Malin, 2018

Konsten med universitet

Catalog, Jan Kenneth Weckman
Åbo Akademi University, AmosLAB, 2018
ISBN 978-952-12-3744-7

Book design by Marjo Malin
My Way & The Highway Art Book Jan Kenneth Weckman Book Design Marjo Malin 2016 ISBN 978-952-5654-85-1
Book design by Marjo Malin Kirjeitä mutta ei rakkaudesta Translation: Jyrki Siukonen Book Design: Marjo Malin, Jyrki Siukonen Merz Sammonkatu Tampere 2019 ISBN 978-952-94-0892-4 ISBN 978-952-94-0893-1

My Way & The Highway

Jan Kenneth Weckman
Book Design: Marjo Malin, 2016
ISBN 978-952-5654-85-1


ZOO Kirjeitä mutta ei rakkaudesta / Viktor Šklovski
Translation: Jyrki Siukonen
Book Design: Marjo Malin
Merz Sammonkatu Tampere, 2019
ISBN 978-952-94-0892-4, ISBN 978-952-94-0893-1

Logo for Oivalo Oy 2019, design Marjo Malin


Logo for Oivalo Oy, 2019

Marjo Malin

Living in the Future

Revisiting Time of Roses Jyrki Siukonen 2018
The University of the Arts Helsinki, 2018
ISBN: 978-952-7131-59-6

Sometimes it’s nice when somebody else has taken care of the creative side, and you can focus on typography. The advertising agency BOND has designed a brand identity for The University of the Arts Helsinki. However, I always like to add something surprising.

Beautiful Mistake

Beautiful Mistake is my own company for which Jan-Erik Andersson has designed tables. Together with Andersson, we designed a trade fair stand for the Habit Fair 2015. This was my second trade fair stand and I think it was a really successful collaboration.

Design by Marjo Malin


French balcony railing, design for Life on a Leaf -house 2009 I wanted to make a text that is at the same time ornamental and says something for the balcony in the Life on a Leaf house. The challenge was to find words that have letters that function as outlines and are suitable for laser cutting. “Upp” means “up” in Swedish and the “pupu” is “bunny”. I was thinking about the positivity of the Swedish-speaking Finns, when I designed the balcony plate. It relates to the language of the resident. The French balcony also serves as an exit in case of fire. The sentence encourages climbing out if needed.


Marjo Malin has been designing graphics for published, printed and electronic media. During her career she has e.g. designed books, corporate identities, websites, animations, multimedia, information graphics. Marjo’s graphic style, based on minimalism, is ideal designing books, especially art books. She also loves to make illustrations, which have a strange humoristic twist.


Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts
IHME Helsinki / Pro Arte Foundation Finland
Helsinki Theatre Academy
Turku Science Park Oy
Taike (The Arts Promotion Centre Finland)
Kuopio Art Museum
Mikkeli Art Museum
Jyväskylä Art Museum
Salo Art Museum Roundhouse
Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art
Turku Art Museum
Aboa Vetus Ars Nova
Fairtrade Finland
Schildt & Söderströms
Maahenki Publishing
Parvs Publishing Ltd
Minerva Publishing Ltd
Eduskunta, The Parliament of Finland
Biocity Turku
Municipality of Lieto
Åbo Akademi University
Frame – an organization promoting Finnish art
City of Turku
Association Of Finnish Sculptors
Finlandssvenskt Filmcentrum rf
Life on a Leaf -association
Psychophysical Psychotherapy Association

Artists Noora Schroderus, Jan Kenneth Weckman, Jan-Erik Andersson, Frank Brümmel, Saara Ekström, Kati Immonen, Ipi Kärki, Thom Vink





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